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Holy GST dip for SAP customers

Yes! You will have to take it. And if you were to look at the pace of the government, it will happen sooner than later. We have little over 90 days to be prepared and execute it. Over last few months we have kept pace with the evolving law and also how SAP is possibly... Read More



What does this mean: GST is about to become a law in India. SAP India is ready with GST related changes in the software. However there are certain prerequisites to meet before GST changes can be done in SAP system. Getting GST-ready will mean at least having to take care of the prerequisites. What is the... Read More



SAPforCPG (3)

Margin pressure We have hardly seen the true potential of consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry in India. More so in the processed foods segment, which will grow many folds in coming years. CPG, however is a competitive industry. Margin pressure is reality. Difference between thriving or being a laggard is execution smarts. An October 2015... Read More



After few years of evolution, ups and downs and wrong turns, it appears like SAP’s mobile strategy is headed in the right direction. As a company we own a SAP integrated mobile app platform and have believed in the power of enterprise mobile apps for some time now. SAP has gone ahead and moved its... Read More


Biscuit or cookie

We might think both words; biscuit and cookie are the same. Americans definitely think that way more than anyone else. Do a bit of research and one will find the subtle differences. My topic here is not to discuss the history of these words in Britain and America, but it helps me make a point... Read More


Guaranteed food quality 3

World over sensitivity to food standards is gaining importance. Increasingly companies are finding it an opportunity to run organized contract farming programs to take control of the food right where it is grown. In many countries, with highly fragmented land ownerships, contract farming is the way to aggregate sizable farming capacities. Scattered and in-field nature... Read More



Technology is changing the way Agri Produce is being sourced worldwide. It’s making the whole process efficient and transparent. Above all it’s empowering the farming and trading community involved in the process. Most of agricultural produce is procured in high octane harvesting season of fluctuating prices. Unlike many other sectors, manufacturers in Agro Food Processing... Read More



Our GPS and Camera enabled Mobile solution vwBeatRoute gives a whole new dimension to how Sales Managers in FMCG and Consumer Durables sector handle secondary sales and marketing across Traditional and Modern Retail channels. Traditionally a whole lot of mind share and effort has been going into ensuring that Sales Executives and Product Promoters are out there... Read More



A worldclass Enterprise Solution such as SAP addresses the issue of facilitating operational execution, if done well. However need for information that can be drilled down, viewed from different perspective and acted upon makes its own strong business case. Performance Reporting Dashboard is becoming a part of day to day life in business today. People... Read More



Cloud model of offering Enterprise Solutions is going to take some time gain footfold, however it's an eventuality that no one needs to predict about. Read this story - Read More