Vital Insights…

Author: Simarleen Singh



What does this mean: GST is about to become a law in India. SAP India is ready with GST related changes in the software. However there are certain prerequisites to meet before GST changes can be done in SAP system. Getting GST-ready will mean at least having to take care of the prerequisites. What is the... Read More



Biscuit or cookie

We might think both words; biscuit and cookie are the same. Americans definitely think that way more than anyone else. Do a bit of research and one will find the subtle differences. My topic here is not to discuss the history of these words in Britain and America, but it helps me make a point... Read More



A worldclass Enterprise Solution such as SAP addresses the issue of facilitating operational execution, if done well. However need for information that can be drilled down, viewed from different perspective and acted upon makes its own strong business case. Performance Reporting Dashboard is becoming a part of day to day life in business today. People... Read More