We offer unique blend of Marketing & technology through our experts who have worked extensively in Digital / Advertising space bring a lot of experience in conceptualising & delivering technology driven Marketing initiatives based on Design Thinking.We offer Bespoke services across UX, Dev, Innovation (IOT) to deliver & identify use cases driving / enhancing User Engagement with Brand.

Some Relevant Use Cases
UX Design for Consumer App
Project: UX Consulting Delivery
Key Features
  • User Research (Qualitative/Quantitative)
  • Pesrsona / Use Cases
  • Card Sorting
  • Wireframes/Prototyping, Infomration Architecture
  • Highfidelity screens

A leading telecom operator was looking creating interactive UI for their Apps with engaging experience. We created interactive UX with card based Context based content delivery Approach.

Instore Consumer Engagement
Fashion / Apparel
Project: IOT -Beacons
Key Features
  • Campaign Management
  • Beacons Management
  • Stores Management
  • Offer Management
  • User Management
  • Store Analytics

Our Platform Blemark built on Beacon Platform allows Brands to Engage consumers with exciting offers / new products /launches by pushing relevant info when in proximity to store & beacon as push notifications. Not only that - the brands can create campaigns on the go & monitor store walk-ins with powerful analytics.

Beauty BOT
Beauty & Wellness
Project: ML/AI, Microsoft BOT Framework
Key Features
  • Chatbot through FB Page Messenger
  • FAQ Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Offers / Gratification Push
  • Conversation History
  • Analytics

We've an interesting solution for Beauty & Wellness Industry that allows brand to engage their users through a ChatBOT which helps consumers take advice & discover relevant products, offers, stores etc based on their requirements unleashing power of Conversation Commerce by engaging consumers in meaningful conversations.

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