Forrester research, “Maximizing the Impact of Digital Transformation,” says that 82% of respondents believe mobile is the face of digital transformation. Enterprises look at mobile as an integral part of digital transformation and depend on it to improve access to information, improve process efficiency, increase employee productivity, lower operational cost and more, faster decision making & are now re-thinking their mobility initiatives in the bigger context of digital transformation.

Our team of Mobility Experts offer array of services in the Mobility transformation space including.

  • Use cases identification & Budgeting
  • Tech Platforms Consulting
  • Mobility readiness (Use case Api's availability, enhancements)
  • UX Consulting
  • Application Dev, Delivery & Maintenance
  • Deployment strategy - Enterprise App store set up/offerings

We build native as well as Cross Platform apps

Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech

Consumer App UX Consulting

Our Team of App UX Experts deliver enriching & highly engaging UX for brands to communicate & interact with its users.

Our Unique Approach
  • UX Approach
  • Platform Selection
  • Agile Delivery
  • Deployment
Some Relevant Use Cases
UX Design for Consumer App
Sap Mobility
Project: App UX Revamp
Key Features
  • User Research (Qualitative/Quantitative)
  • Persona / Use Cases
  • Card Sorting
  • Wireframes/Prototyping, information Architecture
  • Highfidelity screens

A leading telecom operator was looking creating interactive UI for their Apps with engaging experience. We created interactive UX with Card & Context based Presentation Layer.

Single Interface Presentation Layer for Enterprise Wide Use Cases
Sap Mobility
IT Services
Project: SAP, SharePoint, IBM Worklite
Key Features
  • User Persona
  • Use Cases & Scenraios
  • Wireframes / Prototyping
  • UX - Workflows
  • Responsive & Adaptive UI
  • SAP, Sharepoint, IBM Sliverlight dev platform integration

The customer had a problem of having multiple applications through the lifecycle of People supply chain starting from Lead generation to Delivery of Project and there were problems related to interoperability, Integration & UX. We conceptualised a Unify Initiative to bring all the application Use Cases under One - Roof of UI Layer with multiple applications at back -end.

Sap Mobility
Project: UX Designing
Key Features
  • Hassle Free reordering system.
  • 2 Step payment process.
  • Interactive user interface as per Google’s material design standards.
  • Easy order tracking system.
  • Access to Festive deals, Special Offers and much more
  • 28+ categories to choose from
  • Safety equipment
  • Power & Hand tools
  • Office supplies
  • Abrasives & Adhesives
  • Medical supplies

Tolexo is an India Mart Company & is ultimate destination for Business Goods & supplies which transforms the way businesses buy these products. It offers consumer shopping experience for the largest collection of products needed by businesses, factories, offices and laboratories.

Sap Mobility
Project: UX Designing
Key Features
  • Hybrid Application - PhoneGap
  • Book a Game - Master/Visa Payment
  • Score Cards - Add A Fourball/Add A Tournament
  • Booking History - Orders List/Cancel Order
  • Nearby Golf Courses - GPS Based
  • Player's Profile - Home Course/Available Slots/Personal Information

We conceptualized, design & Developed app. This application allows the members of GolfLan to book a game online against their subscription, book a learning golf session, upload game scores while actually playing a game and get interesting game analysis.

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