With every business focusing towards making real time decisions anytime & from anywhere, SAP sits at the core of Business critical Application for any business. Like it says “Best – Run Business run SAP”, SAP offers very comprehensive mobility solution for different requirements including SAP Fiori standard apps that covers most of the standard use cases requirements for any Enterprise.

VitalWires adds a lot of value to the Mobility requirements for your SAP system depending on business use cases. We boast of a COE (Centre Of Excellence) dedicated to mobility solutions that includes our R&D lab that focuses on Mobility, AI, Machine Learning & Block chain.

Our SAP Mobility offerings focus a lot on User Experience that help users to take real time decisions without much of hassle decreasing overall operational cost & reduce turn around time. Our Offering includes:

  • Standard SAP FIORI Apps
  • Customized & multi function Fiori Apps
  • Native Mobile Apps & UX for SAP Mobility
SAP Fiori Apps

With S4/Hana SAP Fiori delivers a role-based, consumer-grade user experience across all lines of business, tasks, and devices.

Vital Wires help customer move to SAP Fiori Apps & GUI with Modern UX Design Principals & choose right approach / Use cases through Out of the box SAP Fiori apps, Custom Fiori apps as well as native Mobile Apps.

SAP Fiori Custom Fiori Apps

With our deep expertise on SAP rollout, Support & enhancements; we’ve realized the importance of user interaction with SAP system. Each corporate have different business processes and different users performing different roles & Tasks which defines different fiori apps required to complete certain tasks / process.

VitalWires has created custom Fiori apps which is combination of various apps available in 1 single screen & integrated user flow that allow users to perform task for end – end use case through single application screen.

Please refer the below screens for a sample use case for sales order processing & review.

Custom Native Mobile Apps for SAP Use Cases

We have often observed specific scenarios where we require custom UX (native to the device) where we require offline connectivity as well as require push / pull notifications to the SAP Business users.

To address such requirements our COE has built custom & native Use cases for such scenarios which has option to use native mobile apps to perform certain specific tasks. These scenarios also allow us to address custom process flows / additional use cases requirement in single app which can perform specific tasks in 1 go with minimum clicks.

Please refer below sample use case of Purchase order approval

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