SAP Implementation

For any customer choosing SAP is not an easy decision, its not that they have doubts over the power SAP has and how it can help them truly being in control of their operations, but their own strengths and weakness plays out as they cautiously try to struggle out of following apprehensions:

  • Cost versus benefits
  • Required Infrastructure, security and maintenance cost
  • Training, Roles and responsibilities of users
  • SAP roll-out Road Map
  • Change Management
  • Future cost and adoption challenges

Given the multitude of check points it is natural for a customer to be edgy but what should be comforting is that best of the businesses around the globe run on SAP. SAP market shares is 70% compared to other ERPs and with release of S4/HANA the latest and greatest business suite SAP has is offering unique customer experience and analytical prowess to its customers.

SAP with almost 50 years of consulting experience across all the business verticals has pre-built business scenarios for any industry based on best practices for a business process.

Given the depth, almost 70% of your business process is ready to be rolled out without much deliberations and that’s give a huge advantage to any business. The remaining which could be unique to a business needs to be discussed, customized and adopted based on consulting exercise one does with the implementation partner.

Thus it becomes highly imperative to choose a partner who calls spade a spade and can deep dive into your business process, who herself comes from business process experience as yours and play advisory to your business function group.

The other important aspect of SAP implementation is fixed cost and fixed time delivery model. Most of the consulting companies fail here for numerous reason, one of the core reasons besides incompetence is half hearted involvement of business user group, lack of clarity, unplanned deliverables, mismatch of user roles and ownership and if the objective of SAP implementation is not communicated clearly, it dampens the morale of everyone involved.

Secondly if the project misses the timelines then it is an unending chase and cost escalation for the customer which mostly ends up adopting half-baked system.

Vital Wires with more than 15 years in SAP consulting and having worked with more than 100 clients rightly understands the special mix required to deliver a great implementation. It is not one project but a journey of years to come we travel alongside the customer ensuring success at every step.

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