SAP Support Services

Any SAP implementation which goes live as per scheduled timelines and estimated budget is a moment of pride for the whole organization. It is a team effort where management, consulting partner and the business stake holders put a concerted effort day in and day out to realize the potential of SAP.

But is this true for all the organization who roll out SAP, unfortunately the answer is NO. The curiosity and anxiousness of the users and management team can quickly take a downward turn if the organization does not consider some critical post implementation guidelines. Few of the critical point to consider are:

1. Change Management and Adoption
2. SAP Services Support Partner Selection
3. SAP Support services engagement model
4. Best practices-based Scalability and Robustness model

Vital Wires has over the period has seen many implementation and post go live cycles and as part of its core value “Client Orientedness” has been on top of optimizing SAP support services model to ensure best consulting team availability at lowest cost model to its clients. What helps us is our deep domain experience especially in Consumer Package Goods (CPG) , EC&O and Automotive industry.

Our support services cost models are sustainable yet dynamic principally designed to realize the value the customer expects. Certainty of outcome is one thing which we focus and that helps us establish long term partnership with our clients.

SAP Consulting services is not just about operationally supporting your SAP landscape but working on it for future scalability and robustness. If the early building blocks are not thoughtfully organized an organization can end up spending lots of money without even realizing the problem.

As your SAP partner we ensure holistic system health to minimize any system level surprises. Whether it is related to security, roles and authorizations or issues management our process-based approach with use of best technology driven platforms ensures high adoption and quick resolutions.

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